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Default Here's to the Crazy One

Anthony Mark Lee, aka SlightlyAmiss... where do I begin? Well, to be fair, I don't pretend to say I knew him as well as Apple or anyone else in the group did. But, Amiss was one of the first people both inside and outside of CLG that I ever talked to that I had met online. And, like his username suggested, he was a little different. But, there was something in his personality that made us fast friends and I could never quite put my finger on it. I believe we started talking when he had first made it into CLG. Here was a guy that was part of a group that I really respected (and still do respect) and he took the time to talk and subscribe to me. Me. Just a lowly single Let's Player on YouTube. We started talking quite frequently and things just went off from there. From games, to funny stories, to help on how to improve my Let's Plays, to helping me with software and computer issues, Amish was a really great and helpful guy to have around. I remember not knowing how edit a web page and I asked Amiss for help, and he helped me go off on my own in no time flat. I also remember one story he told me many times about how he had just beat Final Fantasy 7 for the first time and his brother jumped and hit the floor hard. This force somehow messed up the reading on the game disc and the game froze. So, Amiss had to replay the entire final battle because of his brother's ration exuberance. Amiss never exactly told me how he got his revenge, but I'd assume it was something to make sure they were even.

Eventually, I learned of the CLG website and found myself instantly drawn there. Here was another way to communicate with the admins from CLG and talk one-on-one with them. That was something that I really enjoyed and still do to this day. While I continued to talk to Amiss, this is how I began to meet all the members of CLG and count them among my friends, which I still do to this day.

Then, one day, while Amiss and I were do a community Let's Play for the site, Amiss invited me to be part of the group. I was shocked and overjoyed at the opportunity to become one of the members of the group. I accepted and soon I was one of the group. From there, everyone in CLG, Amiss included, were people I was talking to on almost a daily basis. I would not have traded that for anything.

Things stayed that way for awhile, but eventually I began to find other interests, decided to focus them, and began to talk to my friends from CLG less and less. I missed them quite a bit though. I remember the last solo conversation I had with Amiss, at the beginning of this past summer. It was about a video recording program and I was struggling to work it and he helped me, just as he always did. Little did I know this would be out last solo conversation ever.

After this, I all but disappeared from CLG to focus on my other interest but I always planned to come back and say hi and pick up where I had left off. However, when I came back just last week to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, I found that Amiss was acting very strange. I just shrugged it off and though it was one of the times he wanted to do something completely out of character to get some attention. It had happened before, so I wasn't too worried. But, I had not seen or heard about any of the things that had gone on before this so I could not know that this was a really serious problem.

However, when everyone was starting to get sick of Amiss, I was totally caught off guard and wanted to find out what had happened. But, many people in CLG had told me it was best to not get involved. I took their advice and remained on the sidelines.

On Friday, when I learned of his death, it shocked me, but I'm sure I was not shocked as much as everyone else. I had not been around to see what happened to him and how he changed, so it did not pierce me quite as deep as it could have.

I will never know if Amiss thought I was annoying when I asked for help or when I wanted to talk. I will never truly know how he felt about me. I will never know what we could have talked about in the long period of time that I was away from CLG and how much closer we could have become. All I know is that I wish for that time back so I could give him a proper good-bye and tell him that he was one hell of a guy. Someone I looked up to and could respect.

Here's to the Crazy One, a misfit named SlightlyAmiss. He was one of my first online friends and I will always remember him. For without him, I would not have had the opportunity to find the one thing I am the most passionate about and plan to make my career for the rest of my life.

Amiss, I'll miss you buddy. I will never forget what you have done for me. I'll see you soon enough.

Shine On.

It has always been a thief's job to steal fine arts
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