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Default Let's Play! Parasite Eve 2

Yep, after being away for four years, I've decided to start putting up videos again. And with such a back log to worth with I thought I'd start with a favorite of mine:

Parasite Eve 2

Parasite Eve 2
Released: 2000
Platform: Playstation
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action role-play, Survival Horror

The sequel to Parasite Eve, this game focuses on Aya Brea years after the incident in Manhattan. She has since joined a Federal Agency that hunts down NMC (M.I.S.T.) to protect the innocent. But on one autumn day an outbreak occurs that isn't quite like the others and soon agent Brea has a new mystery on her hands...

Episode 1: "Information High"
Episode 2:"Much ado about Mitochondria"
Episode 3:"NMC Hunting"
Episode 4:"Exploring M.I.S.T."
Episode 5:"Welcome to Dryfield!"
Episode 6:"The P.I.L.A."
Episode 7:"Exploding...What?!"
Episode 8:"No. 9's brief return"
Episode 9:"The Bronco's Secret"
Episode 10:"Aya needs a nap"
Episode 11: "That's a Bigun."
Episode 12: "Moonlit Ambush"
Episode 13: "The bottom of the Rabbit Hole is an Armory"
Episode 14: "The Incinerator"
Episode 15: "To Dryfield! ....Again!"
Episode 16: "Back to Business"
Episode 17: "Aya's new gun"
Episode 18: "A chilling revelation"
Episode 19: "A new piece of the puzzle"
Episode 20: "Into Neo Ark"
Episode 21: "The Beta Generator"
Episode 22: "Fantasy Island it ain't"
Episode 23: "Down to the Particular Area"
Episode 24: "GOLEM"
Episode 25: "Cancer Bullets"
Episode 26: "Dryfield, one more time"
Episode 27: "Escaping the Shelter"
Episode 28: "All aboard the Hell Train!"
Episode 29: "Cancer Lasers"
Episode 30: "Correction, THAT'S a big-un"
Episode Finale: "The Final Battle"
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