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Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  • Platform Nintendo Wii
  • Date October 26, 2011

  • Players Reki, Koeben, Arjun
  • Type Multiplayer

  • Dev/Pub HAL/Nintendo
  • Release October 24, 2011 (US)

The story starts off with King Dedede and Waddle Dee chasing Kirby carrying a cake. They run past Meta Knight who is reading a book. Kirby suddenly stops at the sight of a spaceship shaped like a sailboat travel through what appears to be a star-shaped wormhole. Kirby and his companions enter the ship and find an alien creature named Magolor. When Magolor finds out that five main pieces, along with all 120 energy spheres of the ship (the Lor Starcutter) have been scattered across the five corners of the planet Popstar, Kirby and the rest of the group offer to help find the pieces.